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Falassarna: Possibly the most beautiful beach in northwest Crete and a place of historical interest

In Falassarna you will find, according to many visitors, the most beautiful beach in northwest Crete and one of the best beaches in Greece.

Falassarna are located at the northwest edge of the island, and are in a distance of about 10 kilometers from Kastelli Kissamos and Elena Beach hotel.

The magnificent beach in Falassarna has a wide strip of white, fine sand, and crystal clear water. Behind the long beach there are impressive high mountains. The landscape in the area is truly amazing.

Essentially the beach in Falassarna is not one, but three. The first beach, on the south, is called Pachia Ammos and is organized, having sun beds and parasols.

The second beach is the natural extension of the first beach to the north. This is the main beach in Falassarna, and here you can also find a mini market, and a café-bar by the sea serving light meals. This beach also has sun beds and parasols.

The third beach in Falassarna, and the northest one, is located after the rocky part of the coast, next to the end of the paved road that goes along the beach. Although this is the beach with the more difficult access, it is at the same time the most picturesque, too. By the beach you will find a very good tavern and a nice café-bar, with magnificent view to the bay of Falassarna.

As the beach in Falassarna is located at the west coast of Crete, we recommend, if this is possible, to stay there until the sunset. The sunset in Falassarna, with the sun “diving” in the magnificent waters of Crete, and the sky being lit by the intense orange-purple color of the sunset, is a sight by itself.

The sea in Falassarna is also wonderful. The water is crystal clear and cool, even in the hottest days of summer, and the depth of the sea is ideal for both the experienced swimmers and the kids.

Something you should remember, though, in Falassarna, is to avoid swimming when there are strong westerly winds blowing. As the beach is on the west coast, when strong westerly winds blow, the sea has high waves, which make swimming difficult, and even dangerous, in extreme cases. Always notice the color of the flag that is raised by the lifeguard of the beach: if the flag is red, do not swim.

Falassarna, apart from one of the most beautiful beaches in Crete, is at the same time an important historic site. Ancient Falassarna was one of the most important cities in the Minoan era. It was one of the two ports of Polyrinia, the most powerful city-state in the area (the other port of Polyrinia was Kissamos, at the exact location of present-day Kastelli Kissamos). Falassarna became so powerful, that at some point they declared their independence from the “mother” city-state of Polyrinia, which resulted to a protracted state of war between the two cities.

Falassarna was one of the richest cities in ancient Minoan Crete, mainly thanks to its large, safe harbor, which made the coastal city one of the biggest shipping and commercial centers in Crete.

The city flourished for several centuries, but it was finally destroyed by the Romans. The cause for the destruction of the city was that, apart from a big shipping hub in the area, ancient Falassarna was also a base for the pirates of that time, many of whom were also residents of the city.

After the destruction of ancient Falassarna, the Romans also destroyed the impressive harbor of the city. Today, it is strange to see that the remnants of this large ancient harbor are located on an elevated site, about 100 meters from the sea. The reason for this is a great earthquake that took place in the area in the 4th century AD, which elevated the west coast of Crete and Falassarna by about 8 meters.

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