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Sights in the area

Elafonissi and Chrysoskalitissa Monastery

Elafonissi and Chrysoskalitissa Monastery: One of the most beautiful beaches in Greece and one of the most important religious monuments in Crete, in a magnificent location.

Elafonissi is a truly unique tropical beach, which is not on a tropical island, but on Crete. The whole area around Elafonissi is protected by Greek and international environmental treaties, as a place of unique biodiversity.

Elafonissi is located on the southwest edge of Crete. Elafonissi beach has shallow, crystal clear water, and characteristic white-pink sand. The intense pink color of the sand originates from the abundant shells in the area.

Opposite to the beach, and in a distance of about a hundred meters, lies the islet of Elafonissi. To reach the islet, you don’t have to swim, as the sea between the beach and the islet forms a shallow lagoon, with a depth of less than a metre. Walking into the Elafonissi lagoon, you will realize, as thousands of visitors every year in the area do, that you experience one of the most magnificent creations of nature in the Mediterranean Sea!

Some kilometers to the north of Elafonissi, you will find the wonderful Chrysoskalitissa Monastery. Chrysoskalitissa Monastery is one of the religious landmarks of Crete.

The name “Chrysoskalitissa” originates from the Greek words “golden step” and the Ottoman period, when the nuns of the monastery hid the golden masterpieces of the monastery under a step of the big staircase in the entrance, in order to protect them from being looted by the Ottoman occupying army.

Apart from the unique architecture and the magnificent view, in Chrysoskalitissa Monastery you will also admire the legendary painting of Virgin Mary’s Assumption, which is said to have been painted 1.000 years ago. You will find this distinct painting in the small church of the monastery, which seems untouched by the centuries that have passed…

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