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Kasteli Kissammos
Chania, Crete
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Sights in the area

Gramvoussa and Balos beach

Gramvoussa islet and the wonderful Balos beach

Indisputably the most interesting excursion by boat, from the port of Kastelli Kissamos, is the one to the Gramvoussa islet and to the wonderful and unique Balos beach.

Gramvoussa islet is located near the edge of the homonymous peninsula of Gramvoussa. The view from this islet in one of the more distant parts of Crete is simply outstanding.

On Gramvoussa islet there are the remnants of one of the better fortified Venetian castles in Crete. The castle, which was built in the 16th century AD, was one of the few places in the island that remained under Venetian rule after the occupation of Crete by the Ottoman Empire.

The especial Balos beach is located on the northwest part of the peninsula of Gramvoussa, literally across Gramvoussa islet on its southeast. Balos beach is a real, unique tropical lagoon and beach in northwest Crete.

The lagoon and the beach of Balos have white and pink sand, from the countless shells of the area. The water in the lagoon is warm and calm. Even if you go further away from the lagoon, to Balos beach, the sea remains calm, as Gramvousa islet protects the bay of Balos from the occasional strong winds.

The lagoon and the beach of Balos form a complex ecosystem, which is unique in the Mediterranean Sea. Something you should take under account is that there are no trees in the area, so you should have the appropriate clothes, water and sunscreen with you in order to protect yourself from the sun.

The excursion to the wonderful Gramvoussa islet and to the unique Balos beach is for many visitors the experience of a lifetime. If you like intense experiences and exploration during your holidays, an excursion to Gramvousa and Balos will be totally satisfying and will get you in touch with the other, less known side of Crete, which only few can experience.

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